About Us

Kota is believed to be the Hub of Education.The best minds for IIT-JEE, AIIMS & NEET Exams reside here. The elite guidance available here is nowhere to be found. Thousands of students want to come to Kota and learn from the best teachers in the country. Unfortunately, it is not possible for every aspirant to do so. This is where we, the Ariser Talent come in.

Ariser Talent is an e-learning platform with its roots based in Kota. We aim at bringing the best Kota Faculties to the rest of India, thereby transforming the conventional learning pattern.

Our Philosophy

At Ariser Talent, we always emphasize on building a solid foundation of concepts. Better concepts not only deepen your understanding but also speed up your problem-solving ability. This gives you the confidence to win. We believe in laying solid foundations at an early age. That is why we have designed courses right from Class 7.

We ensure that at every age, our students understand the WHY behind every topic and the logic behind every formula they study. Our passion and endeavor to bring about a change in the field of education motivate us to do better every day.

What makes us different...

Whether it is the selection of Faculties or designing our Course Structure or the Study Material; our philosophy gets reflected in our entire system. … And that makes us different.

Our Faculty, Our Strength

Here, at Ariser Talent, we understand that the journey of cracking any Entrance Exam is challenging and how invaluable it is to find an exceptional guide; a teacher, a mentor who can lead you from where you are, clarifying all your puzzling doubts, motivating your spirit all the way to your goal.

At Ariser Talent, we have handpicked some such eminent, experienced mentors from all over Kota and India, who will make this ambitious journey more straightforward and less complicated.

Our teachers not only teach the subject but also develop the right outlook and approach towards it. Whenever needed, they get down with students and help them solve their doubts. Our teaching programs and the Course Material have been developed by these expert faculties.

A carefully crafted Study Material

We understand the significance of good study material. A good Study Material is a student’s best companion throughout their journey. Students need to go through them over and over.

And so, while designing the Course Material, we make sure that all the key concepts taught in Video Lectures are minutely explained and highlighted in the text form as well. We also emphasize on explaining concepts using diagrams, graphs, and pictures. This helps students soak in all critical details of the topic easily.

Integration of Modern Technology

Here at Ariser Talent, we have a dedicated team of Technical professionals, who ensure that our platform stays well equipped with cutting-edge technology and in pace with the latest technology trends.

The video lectures are recorded in High Definition so that no detail gets missed. All efforts are made to ensure that our students always have access to this high-quality Course material. These lectures are made available in both Online and Offline format so you never miss any lecture, no matter where you go. The Lecture notes are made available in downloadable .pdf format, so you only focus on understanding the Concepts and not taking notes.

We have put all this vast amount of information together in the form of a very User-friendly Mobile App so that you can find the relevant lectures and notes quickly and easily. Students can track their progress and past performances right from the app.

Adding a Personal Touch

During the whole course of learning, our staff and faculties make sure you never feel lost. For this, we have an exclusive Academic team that takes care of resolving subject-related queries and doubts.

Our Mobile app provides an in-app Chat functionality that connects you directly to your mentors. Here, you can post your doubts and receive their solutions from the teachers.

Faculties also provide career-related, motivational counseling from time to time so that students have a clear vision, stay focused and are updated with the latest opportunities.